I'd like to recommend the place where everyone could probably find antropologia gnostica samael aun weor pdf, but probably, you would need. Antropologia-Gnostic..> , K. CIENCIA-GNOSTICA. pdf, , K .. Samael-Aun-Weor-Bann..> The Igreja Gnóstica do Brasil (hereafter IGB) has been the subject of a two year . Now known as Venerable Master of the Bodhisattva Samael Aun Weor, .. in Esoteric Anthropology (Curso de Antropologia Esotérica), and series of yogic.

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Instituto Cultural Quetzalcoatl de Antropología Psicoanalítica, A.C. . que recomendamos son los del V.M. Samael Aun Weor y los primeros que encontramos en la iglesia gnóstica, donde se queman rosas en el altar y hasta allí se llevan. samael aun weor pdf books. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for samael aun weor pdf books. Will be grateful for any help! Top. ANTROPOLOGIA GNOSTICA SAMAEL AUN WEOR PDF - ASSOCIATION OF GNOSTIC ANTHROPOLOGY ASOCIACION GNÓSTICA DE ANTROPOLOGÍA.

Also known as the Institute of Universal Charity Instituto de Caridade Universal , Santa Clara is staffed on a voluntary basis by IGB members and receives food, clothing and assorted items distributed through neighbouring religious and private charities. Currently in operation three days a week, Santa Clara caters mainly for the elderly and pregnant young women by offering nutritional meals, life skills clinics and alternative medicinal practices e. A hybrid collection of mystical-religious ornaments and decorations populate various parts of the building.

In addition to the seemingly ubiquitous portraits of Weor, there are, for example, pictures of Vishnu, a Christian crucifix, the Hindu Om symbol, a Masonic Tetragrammaton, and a miscellany of candles, crystals, incense sticks, and oil burners.

Here Bunn draws a distinction between the general practical knowledge e. According to its manager, Carlos Bunn, the Course in New Gnosis has had approximately 14, completions since its inception in , has 3, current students as of April 04 , and approximately subscriptions commencing and an equal number terminating per month.

As part of my research engagement with the IGB and its adherents, I have been a member of this internet-based group since April and engaged its participants through electronically administered self-completion questionnaires author, , pp.

Arcane Three revisits in much greater detail the place of the individual as a microcosmic reflection of macrocosmic realities. Potential extrasensory powers e. Further practical exercises and technical definitions close the Arcane.

The initiatory way and its component nine degrees and corresponding tests is then engaged in great detail. An outline of the twelve works of Hercules closes the Arcane.

A programmatic description of the preparation and commandments of the Magus are followed by a number of conjuring, invocatory and exorcising rituals. The Arcane closes by introducing relevant sounds and mantras and describing the esoteric pentagram.

Here, Samael Aun Weor builds upon, but ultimately eclipses their contributions. By and large critical of contemporary dynamics e. The additional prominence given by the course to assorted new age and environmental themes that receive only passing or no mention by Weor is further testimony to redactional modifications made by IGB representatives.

Whilst personal predilections understandably play a part in such interpretative modifications, their purpose is likely to be that of calibrating the contents of the course more closely with prevailing neo-esoteric characteristics as perceived by the IGB leadership. In addition to Portuguese translations e. Organisational representatives claim that FUNDASAW responded to approximately 40, requests for information between and continues to send materials to over 8, people throughout Brazil and beyond.

As with figures cited above, I have no means of verifying these claims. A good number of these rituals were bequeathed to the Universal Christian Gnostic Movement by Arnold Krumm-Heller who had arrived in South America with a liturgical repertoire including the rituals of initiation, mass and the first three initiatory grades comprising an admixture of Masonic and Rosicrucian practices.

This repertoire was subsequently revised e. In addition to its established seven rituals viz.

Guardian, Priest, Watcher, and Isis and a set liturgical calendar e. The organisation also holds scheduled religious celebrations e. The IGB temple is rectangular in shape with a single step-high platform, carpeted in red, taking up the northern third of the room. Entirely crossing the northern wall and extending about seven feet along the northern end of the east and west walls, a pleated blue curtain hangs down two feet from the ceiling.

On the platform at the northernmost end of the temple is a large wooden altar. At the time of the service and in addition to the loaf of bread and chalice of grape juice used in the Gnostic mass, the altar had upon it an open copy of the ancient Gnostic text Pistis Sophia, two vases of flowers representing water , an open wooden sacristy, a three branched candelabrum signifying fire , a crucifix with the word Norte North above it, two small bowls containing salt and earth respectively, a feather representing air , an incense stick, a pictorial representation of the Masonic Tetragrammaton, and a steel sword of approximately three feet in length.

The western wall at the northern end of the temple had a large mirror attached to it, whilst on the eastern wall at this end hung a large flag-like banner with white, red and yellow quarters on which a yellow cross, grey and yellow crossed keys and a seven pointed yellow star were sown.

Picked up and put down at various points in the service, a large wooden cross bedecked with flowers and a white rosette , iron-headed scythe, steel-tipped spear, and two six feet long poles, one topped with three white cotton pompons and the other with a small metal cross, rested against various parts of the wall at the platform end of the temple.

The remaining two thirds of the room has a black and white chequered tiled floor on which five rows of seating are laid out.

Where the platform step meets the chequered tiled floor, a set of three unshaded coloured bulbs blue, red and yellow projects from the upper parts of the wall at each side i. The aforementioned pleated blue curtain hangs also at the southern end of the room and is, apart from a wall-mounted plaque bearing the word Sul South , the only decoration in the lower two-thirds of the temple. The simplified Gnostic Mass celebrated in the temple was an extremely wordy and cerebral affair, enacted throughout with sweeping, almost theatrical, ritualised gestures.

Three cassocked IGB officials occupied the dais, but only one spoke throughout the seventy minute long service. Ritualised gestures undertaken by the three IGB officials prefaced and concluded a great many parts of the service.

The aforementioned items propped against the wall at the northern end of the temple were brandished at different points, as was the sword, candelabrum and other items laid out on the altar. The four compass points, along with the traditional elements of earth, air, fire, and water played an important role in the liturgy of the Gnostic Mass. Apart from the spoken responses, and frequent standing, kneeling and sitting, it was only when approaching the platform to receive bread and grape juice that congregants played any active part of the service.

The service included no music, singing or chanting, although a number of call and response sets were used. Mostly in Portuguese, Latin was also used principally by the IGB officiant and by congregants in certain short responses. Prayers uttered and led with great repetition by the IGB celebrant constituted the vast majority of the Gnostic litany.

Conclusion The complete absence of oriental and new-age iconography within the IGB temple stands in stark contrast to the hybrid assortment of pictures, statues, symbols, and ornaments spread throughout the other rooms of the headquarter complex. In this respect, the Curitiba-based activities of the IGB resemble other established esoteric organisations in Brazil e.

At the same time, however, FUNDASAW course materials are punctilious in their representation of New Gnosis as a neo-esoteric alternative to formal religious schemas such as those instantiated by established e. Christian and less mainstream e. Spiritualist and African Brazilian traditions. Suffice it to say, the existence of two distinct constituencies is central to the success of this repertorial dualism.

samael aun weor pdf books

On the one hand, there are those Curitiba-based individuals whose engagement with New Gnosis is instantiated through their collective constitution as a congregation involved in highly ritualised, temple-based activity of a formally religious nature. Personal choice and relative geographical remoteness mean that very few of these individuals will become involved in the kind of formalised religious activity undertaken at the Curitiba-based community.

In such a way, the logistical problems e. This lexical overlap thereby furnishes a range of discursive and practical hooks upon which FUNDASAW is able to hang its version of the New Gnosis without recourse to modifications risking doctrinal deviation from the teachings of Samael Aun Weor.

datasheet (1).pdf

As noted above, course references to issues and themes prevalent within contemporary neo-esoteric circles e. At the hands of Weor and his followers, established hybridising dynamics were thereby further catalysed through the infusion of assorted indigenous, westernised-oriental and alternative sources.

Subject to the kinds of late-modern dynamics constitutive of the neo-esoteric family resemblances detailed above, such appropriated sources were treated to a much looser form of interpretative assimilation than those more rigorous appropriative regimes associated with traditional modes of religious expression.

Taken alongside aforementioned acknowledgements of supply-side strategization, any success arising from an organisational ability to implement two seemingly exclusive repertoires of action can consequently be said to owe as much to the late-modern habitus of homo esotericus as it does to the calculating rationality of homo economicus.

The increasingly unfashionable nature of traditional organisational repertoires such as that practiced in the IGB temple at its Curitiba headquarters has direct implications for both short-term recruitment and long-term survival. Both geographical constraints and personal predilections, however, make it unlikely that course take-up will be translated into any significant numerical increase in those participating in temple-based activity.

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