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Consequently, behavioral assays often can serve as indirect measures of the activity of particular neurons and muscle cells. However, the use of behavioral assays alone has important limitations as a way to study the molecular and cellular basis of behavior.

For example, to understand mechanisms of behavior in detail, it is necessary not only to identify neurons that are required for that behavior, but also to understand how their temporal patterns of activity correlate with associated behavioral events.

Likewise, to understand how a particular gene influences a behavior, it is necessary to determine how it affects the functional properties of the individual neurons involved in generating that behavior. It is often desirable to specifically determine the effect of a gene on a particular ionic conductance in a given neuron or muscle cell, or even to reconstitute the activity of a particular ion channel in a heterologous system.


Various techniques have been developed by physiologists to address these questions. Some of these can be straightforwardly adapted for studies in C. Below, some of the important advantages and disadvantages of particular physiological approaches are discussed in the context of their most appropriate applications.

Detailed presentations of these individual methods can be found in the other chapters of this section. Electrophysiology The standard approach for monitoring neural activity in most animals involves recording electrically from neurons. These techniques have been difficult to apply in C.

First, C. The cuticle presents a formidable barrier to a recording electrode, and an animal must be dissected carefully to avoid damaging the preparation through release of hydrostatic pressure.

Because such dissections necessarily disrupt the hydrostatic skeleton, making electrical recordings from behaving animals is not really feasible. Second, C. Thus, even when a C. Despite these challenges, several electrophysiological preparations have been developed for C.

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These preparations have proven invaluable for addressing a variety of neurobiological questions, as electrical recording remains the only feasible way to measure a wide range of physiological parameters in an in vivo context. For example, a diverse array of ionic conductances have been measured in C.

Optical imaging A less invasive approach to monitoring neural activity in vivo is through the use of fluorescent optical indicators.

Thus far, the most effective means of optically imaging neuronal dynamics is using genetically-encoded calcium probes such as cameleon or GCaMP Miyawaki et al. Since nematode neurons lack voltage-gated sodium channels, calcium entry through voltage-gated channels is thought to play a key role in the neuronal excitability. Calcium transients accompanying neuronal activity have been detected in the cell bodies, and in some cases the processes, of many neurons Hilliard et al.

Calcium imaging has several attractive features as a way to monitor neural activity. In particular, since C. Thus, it is possible to record neural activity in intact, even behaving animals.

In addition, because the C. Such multichannel recordings make it possible to identify temporal correlations in neural activity that can provide insight into the mechanisms of neural circuit function. The major limitation of this approach is that calcium provides only a single readout of neural activity, and does not allow one to measure individual ionic conductances or detect sub-threshold changes in membrane potential.

Additionally, the temporal resolution of optical imaging methods are limited by camera speed and by the kinetic properties of the probe.

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In vitro physiology To obtain detailed information about specific ionic conductances and their dependence on individual gene products, it is often desirable to use in vitro methods, Despite the considerable evolutionary divergence between nematodes and vertebrates, many C.

In addition, methods have recently been developed for C. These methods have several important applications in C.

For example, physiological studies of mutants can indicate only whether a given gene product is necessary for a particular neural function.

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As new research and experience broaden our understanding, changes in research methods, professional practices, or medical treatment may become necessary. QU ] Cellular and Molecular Pas publishes amie voyage concerned with the voyage of neuronal and voyage function at the cellular and subcellular pas.

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