LISA KLEYPAS - Wallflower Series n others [ebook link @ page 1] HR aku tergila2 banget sama LK, bahasa ebooknya gampang si:P. My favorite of the Wallflowers series: Devil in Winter by Lisa Kleypas. . Devil in Spring (eBook) Lisa Kleypas Books, Romance Histórico, New Romance .. Judith Mcnaught is an all time favorite author. stella b · Historical romance books . Start by marking “Devil's Daughter (The Ravenels, #5)” as Want to Read: New York Times bestselling author Lisa Kleypas delivers a scintillating tale of a beautiful, young widow who finds passion with the one man she shouldn't Although beautiful young widow Phoebe, Lady Clare.

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Love, Come to Me book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Bewildered, startled, she felt his lips against hers, tasting her. redelocidi.tk - Read Online Devil's Daughter By Lisa Kleypas, Devil's [PDF] Devil's Daughter By Lisa Kleypas - Free eBook Downloads. The latest Tweets from Lisa Kleypas (@LisaKleypas): "Poor Dash # timetogetneutered #IveBeenConed #whyMomWhy #habibibear redelocidi.tk 9oqT4fqh9l.

Honestly, I think he was the perfect person to open West's eyes and show him that redeemed rakes make the best husbands. I loved his role in this story, and I will never tire of seeing him cherish and care for his family. If I could bring up a complaint, it would be that West's realization of love felt a bit rushed. I debated taking a bit off my rating for it, but in the end it didn't alter my enjoyment in the book at all. The dialogue was hilarious, the interactions between Phoebe and West were heartfelt and heated.

I didn't want it to end. If you're new to this series, it can be read as a standalone, but you're really missing out if you haven't introduced yourself to the Ravenels yet. Cassandra is the only sister left to marry off, but the good news is that there may be a series for the Wallflower children coming next!!! Sign me up, please! She felt as if they were still beyond the reach of the world, entangled even though their bodies were separate.

He was part of her now, his name emblazoned on her skin with invisible but permanent ink. View all 5 comments. Mar 03, Kimberly marked it as to-read Shelves: Fingers crossed for more Sebastian and Evie! I loved the Devil and his Daughter … Back in the olden days 3 years ago I was able to read five 5!!!! It makes me a little sad though, that a book that would normally have taken me 24 hours, took me five days to read.

By the end of the first chapter of this story, I kne I loved the Devil and his Daughter … Back in the olden days 3 years ago I was able to read five 5!!!! By the end of the first chapter of this story, I knew I was in for a treat. In this case, it was very good friends I caught up with. On that thought…how dare Sebastian and Evie get older. So, the fact that we get to catch up with Sebastian and Evie AND see history repeating itself not really, but kind of brought a goofy smile to my face.

Phoebe has survived heartbreak and now is on the path to falling for a bad boy…does that sound a little familiar??? So basically, both Phoebe and West are battling their pasts to find a happy future.

The characters were lovable, the glimpse of the past was riveting, and the battle of the classes is frustrating to observe.

Devil in Spring

I hate seeing the snobbery, social-climbing and what lengths people will go to for the power of a good name. I love the dresses, the furniture, formal sit-down breakfasts and wedding parties that last for days. All these little things seem different but were the realities of the time and very fascinating to me. The romance story between Phoebe and West was fairly slow moving.

Once it does hit the sheets…I mean floors…and walls… it gets decidedly fast. West spent nearly the whole story loving Phoebe but never dreaming of keeping her.

He was convinced he would sully Phoebe and her wonderful boys with his terrible reputation. West must be the one to accept and realise they were perfect for each other and meant to spend the rest of their days together. I highly recommend you go back to the beginning, though, and check out the Wallflowers.

If you have read the Wallflowers , you may be interested to know that we get to catch up with them all a little in this one.

Hint, hint, nudge, nudge…Ms Kleypas. Apr 04, Grecia Robles rated it really liked it Shelves: Tampoco merezco a mi esposa. Es un hecho injusto de la vida que los peores hombres terminen con las mejores mujeres ". Le hizo falta profundidad a los personajes sobre todo a West y desarrollo. Si me hubiera dado uno desde el punto de vista de Evie y Sebastian me cae que le hubiera dado las 5 estrellas con los ojos cerrados. Feb 24, Kimberly Carrington-Fox rated it it was amazing.

Sadly, not a five star, but not a one star by any means. Who's the good boy? Well, not the latest St. Vincent since that would be the son of the man we all love Our St.

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Vincent is still top of the food chain in this book that features his oldest daughter. No, St. Phoebe is a widow with two young boys.

She adored her young husband wh Sadly, not a five star, but not a one star by any means. She adored her young husband who was her childhood sweetheart and was doomed to die an early death. He's a very Keats kind of hero despite this story taking place in the late 19th century.

The heroine really loved her husband, but as us readers and her father knows, he was really not the one. Concerns of bullying and old grudges are put aside as the h gets to know the West, the charming hero, as he unintentionally woos her and her two young sons. The H steps back from wooing her as he feels unworthy. Vincent is golden. When confronted by the vanilla villain as the West is attacked by the bad guy at a club.

Guess who saves the H? Apparently St. Vincent is , the precursor to He has the moves down and the agents.

You decide to start shooting guests in my club?

You, my boy, have been a dismal waste of an evening. West lifted his hand in a gesture of farewell and followed Niall.

The porter was dressed in a uniform, some kind of rich matte cloth in a shade of blue so dark it looked black. No gilt or fancy trim, save for a thin, black, braided trim on the lapels of the coat, and on the collar and cuffs of the white shirt. Very discreet and simple, tailored for ease of movement. It looked like a uniform for killing people. And who the heck is st.

Vincent talking about? Westcliff, the new H, someone else? I needed more about the constraints with the heroine and her MIL, more between the h and H, and more interaction with the OM. I hesitate to suggest this, but there was a rushed aka novella quality and more than a hint of phoned in on the story. So much more could have been addressed rather than simply touched on aka the brief appearance of the other Wallflowers. Still, Lisa Kleypas writing is beautiful and engaging as always.

View all 20 comments. This book felt too strong for 3, but there were some choices I didn't love, along with others I did. I'm on my phone and away. Shall I get the most controversial piece out of the way first? If West and Phoebe are sharing pages with Sebastian and Evie, proceed with caution. Phoebe and West started strong enough characters to do that, but in the end although I liked those bits Sebastian was constantly upstaging West.

Call me crazy, but I want the hero to be the hero in his own book. Especially because West is no slouch. Second issue: If they did, I don't remember it. Maybe there was some stuff on land management or something, but side relationships were quite weak and relied on previous novels. Third issue: West's hesitation over his worthiness went on too long. If we aren't looking his mistakes in the face and they are two years in the past, it's ok to feature them as a baby bit.

Instead, they became the tired conflict of every hero. In the end, I loved Phoebe's approach to this. And also what she says Speaking of Phoebe. In prior books, she felt a little more like her father in humor at least. It didn't shine here. I actually would've loved to see a little more of her relationship to her parents.

The external conflict got a little messy. It was fine, but it was never a source of tension for me as a reader. Now the good, which is much more fun, am I right?

The witty banter is back. Their first longer conversation in this book was fabulous. And where she did smack of that prior Phoebe Henry, and everyone's relationship to Henry.

Phoebe really loved Henry. There aren't really comparisons, just respect. The kids. I know you all don't like kids in your romances, but I do, and I loved seeing the characters interact.

It was also one of the things that made Phoebe's desire for West hard to ignore, and I think that really worked. Because it works for me too. There were lots of great moments featuring them. Generally, West. Also generally, Phoebe. She felt like a strong lead born and operating in her time.

I won't say there was nothing outside that, but nothing as egregious as Garrett to my horribly unrefined HR eyes. In fact, was it just me or was her interest in managing the estate meet with more resistance than Garrett as a practicing physician?

Even though West's presence was swallowed whole and I was kind of annoyed, one if the final chapters view spoiler [ and particularly with Sebastian giving permission that wasn't requested hide spoiler ] I liked that Phoebe, in the end, was the architect of her own future. I think this might have been the choice in making her a widow, but it was really wonderful. The little nods: It want overdone but there were a couple.


But it wasn't magic. It was underscored by a slightly weak external conflict and the characters didn't feel like they or their relationship had a lot of breathing room, but it, for me, felt like a reminder of why I read this author, particularly because this novel, while not her best, felt like growth. And maybe that's my issue with this series growth often looks like a set back.

But I didn't have it here.

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I do think it deserved 50 more pages, and it could've been magic. This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life in Books. What a wonderful romance this book turned out to be!

I have been a huge fan of Lisa Kleypas for a long time and this book was a perfect example of the quality of her storytelling. I was swept away by Phoebe and West's story. This is the fifth book in the Ravenels series but it works well as a stand-alone. Longtime readers of Kleypas will enjoy getting the chance to catch up with some well-loved characters. This is a book that I went into with incredibly high expectations and I am pleased to report that they were all met.

Phoebe is a widow and mother of two young sons. At the start of the story, she goes to the Ravenal estate for her brother's wedding. Soon after arriving, her path crossed with West Ravenal and sparks fly. Phoebe knows that West is the one that bullied her deceased husband when they were children and has no wish to get close to him. Phoebe does need to learn some skills to help her run the estate that her son will inherit and West is more than happy to teach her what he knows.

I adored West in the previous book in this series so I was thrilled to find that he would take the lead in this story.

He was such a capable man and I loved how natural he was with Phoebe and her children. He was highly thought of by everyone but himself.

Phoebe had been married to a very tame and proper man.

She had always done her best to be a good wife and didn't ask too many questions. I really enjoyed seeing Phoebe start to reach for the things she wanted out of life and stop trying to meet everyone else's expectations.

Phoebe's oldest child, Justin, was such a fun child and loved how big a part of the story he was. I thought that West and Phoebe were perfect together. The chemistry was there between them from the start of the book and it grew throughout the story. There were quite a few really hot scenes between the pair.

I think that what I liked best about these two was how real they were together.

They were able to show their true selves to each other and as they did their connection grew. I really enjoyed the scenes with Phoebe, West, and her children that illustrated how they were growing into a family. It was just a joy to watch these two find their happily ever after. I highly recommend this book to others. This was a fantastic romance filled with wonderful characters that you couldn't help but fall in love with. I can't wait to read more from Lisa Kleypas! I received a review copy of this book from HarperCollins - Avon.

Initial Thoughts Can I just say that this was amazing?! There is a reason that Lisa Kleypas is one of my favorite authors. This one was very hard to put down. Mar 15, Mei rated it really liked it Shelves: I was expecting something more from the Devil's daughter!

Phoebe is just a nice person. Good mother, good wife to an invalid husband, good nurse West, on the other hand was a deliciously bad guy in Cold-Hearted Rake! Here we see how his redemption transformed him into a deliciously good guy.

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Good hardworking estate manager loved by all the tenents and servants. The story is well written and I enjoyed how they got together without too much fuss, but it was not what I was expecti I was expecting something more from the Devil's daughter! The story is well written and I enjoyed how they got together without too much fuss, but it was not what I was expecting from Sebastian's daughter!

I'll say that the best character here was Sebastian himself! Phoebe and West were like children and Sebastian has to play the match-making mama, er He's also very, very good at it!

So, a rather sweet HR that if not for Sebastian I would have rated three stars, but only for him I'll rate it 4! Jan 29, nick rated it it was amazing Shelves: If you were to ask me who my favorite author is, I'd tell you in a heartbeat that it's Lisa Kleypas. She's an author whose works I value tremendously, not only because they are outstanding, but also because she is the author who got me invested in romance. Devil's Daughter was one of those books that I knew even before going in that I would love.

I'm happy to report that my gut was not wrong and that Lisa Kleypas showed yet again why she sits firmly at the top of my favorite authors list. Devil's If you were to ask me who my favorite author is, I'd tell you in a heartbeat that it's Lisa Kleypas. Devil's Daughter tells the story of a widowed and single mother of two adorable kids, Phoebe. I've loved Phoebe since she was a teeny red-haired baby, mostly because she was my one of my all-time favorite couple's daughter.

In Devil's Daughter, we get to know the adult Phoebe, who was just as delightful as the adorable baby.

What a gorgeous character she was! She was an absolute powerhouse of a heroine with her fortitude, intelligence, and utter kindness. I loved and admired her very much, and my heart ached when she related the story of losing her best friend and her husband, Henry, very early on in her marriage.

Phoebe was so well-layered, it was almost as if I knew her as a friend, so I wanted nothing more than for her to find a partner who would love and appreciate every molecule of her. She finds that in Weston Ravenel, a reformed scoundrel. Oh, West! How I adored this fellow. I always knew that his story would be one of the best in this series. He has come such a long way and I was so proud of the hardworking and remorseful man he was in this book. West was dreamy, flirty and just all kinds of swoon-worthy goodness.

It was impossible for me not to fall for the man and if you've read Kleypas' books, you know she writes some of the most delicious heroes out there. When Phoebe and West meet at Pandora and Gabriel's wedding, it wasn't love-at-first-sight for Phoebe. She had heard all the stories of how he used to torture her sweetheart, Henry, during their school days and didn't have the best opinion of him.

Of course, she doesn't expect West to be such a magnetic, roguish and charming man. Or for him to be so good with her sons. Their relationship was very much one that was a slow-burn, but the intensity and chemistry were prevalent all throughout. West pushes Phoebe into more of a leadership role, giving her the tools that she would need to succeed at running her son's estate, and she shows him just how far he had come along in his life.

They were the perfect complementary couple for each other and watching them interact was an indescribable experience. I loved them so so much and the love scenes were so sensual and romantic. I loved the secondary cast in this book too.

I especially loved seeing my favorite, Sebastian, who is now a hot grandpa WHAT , be meddlesome and his usual flirty self. What a legend. I also loved little precocious Justin. He stole every scene he was in! I could honestly go on and on about how wonderful this book was because it absolutely was one of the best romance books I've read, but I want to let you readers discover more of Devil's Daughter on your own. I can't wait to read Cassandra and Severin's book next!

I can just tell! View all 3 comments. My Question? I Ask You Why??? View all 37 comments. But alas I got the compete opposite. Phoebe is a widow who was married to a sallow man. Their life was dull, the exact opposite of adventurous. Even her eating habits were bland. In meeting West she started to bloom again. I loved West Ravenel. View all 18 comments. Devil's Daughter The Ravenels 5 8 58 Apr 01, Readers also enjoyed. About Lisa Kleypas. Her books are published in fourteen languages and are bestsellers all over the world.

She lives in Washington State with her husband and two children. Other books in the series. The Ravenels 6 books. Books by Lisa Kleypas.

Trivia About Devil's Daughter No trivia or quizzes yet. Quotes from Devil's Daughter. Either that, or I have a stomach disease with a side effect of uncontrollable sweating. Welcome back. This is surely meant as a protective gesture, a romantic one, but I find it creepy.

So, they meet up, spend a romantic evening walking around the stalls that sell all the nice little bits and pieces. Garrett, who has never really shown any romantic inclination for men, is all afire for Ethan. As for Ethan: see previously mentioned hard-on. Imagine my stony-faced expression.

Indian woman doing some sex-ed. And yeah, knowing positions is definitely the minimum of positions a woman needs to be sexually satisfied.

Here the book turns slightly into a romantic suspense novel, with Ethan telling her repeatedly that in his line of work, seeing each other is too dangerous.

Which direction it was, however, was difficult to discern. Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, the first licensed female physician in Britain. We needed these women who broke through male domains, as much as we needed the women in the factories, who equally fought for their rights. Anderson as an inspiration for Garrett, if her status played no role in the plot?

One mistake on her part and her license would have been revoked, based on the constant suspicion she lives under as a female doctor. Apart from that, Garrett lives in a bubble, thanks to her close association to Rhys Winterborne, with the weekly work she does for the poor.

I would have adored it. I still love Evie but Pandora overcame so much more. Her journey was such a joy to read. Actually, there's a level of joy permeating this book that I was smiling all the way through it. There were some tense and emotionally fraught moments as well but there was never any doubt about the payoff, which is the HEA.

Vincent's son but he is also Evie's. Which means, he's the best of both worlds and it shows.

Not to say that he doesn't have flaws. He's still very much a product of his generation and lives a privileged life. But he's also kind and loyal and just so attuned to Pandora's needs which makes him more appealing. As far as being a romantic hero, he's perfect. You guys!Yet she'd accuse him some times. In chapter three, Gabriel has a very touching and funny talk with his father.

His father's rakish reputation is placed upon his shoulders. He's neither cynical nor a rake, which he says so himself. I feel myself fall into a perpetual state of bliss each time I crack open a Lisa Kleypas book.