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BS _冶金/矿山/地质_工程科技_专业资料。British Standard A single copy of this British Standard is licensed to Licensed Copy: Tom Magee. Table 2 — Carbon equivalent values for BS steels to be used in BS , Class I arc welding of ferritic steel pipework for carrying fluids. BS , Filler. download your copy of BS as a PDF download or hard copy directly from the official BSI Shop. All BSI British Standards available.

Bs 2633 Pdf

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Home; BS Secure PDF. ℹ $; Add to Cart. Printed Edition + PDF; Immediate download; $; Add to Cart. BS - Add to basket. downloading options. PDF download. Language: English. EUR. Shipment. Language: English. EUR. download BS Specification for Class I arc welding of ferritic steel pipework for carrying fluids from SAI Global. PDF - English. PDF - English, Hardcopy -.

BS 2633:1987 Specification for Class 1 arc welding of carbon steel pipework for carrying fluids

Certain proprietary protective coatings are specially formulated with the intention that they should not interfere with subsequent welding. The use of such coatings is not excluded by the requirements of this clause but, if so required by the downloadr, the manufacturer should demonstrate their acceptability by means of specimen welds see BS Visible flaws such as cracks, cavities tack welding.

The dimension of the root gap is the dimension after tack deposition of further weld metal. It is appreciated that there may be difficulty in complying strictly with the specified requirements for the root gap.

Slight modifications imposed by practical considerations may be 16 Cold pull permitted. Where necessary, the extremities of these tack welds shall be dressed by grinding or chipping to facilitate proper fusion when 17 Preheating for cutting and welding they are incorporated in the root run. All cracked tack welds shall be completely removed.

Where welded-on bridge pieces are used, the pipe A piece of scrap plate clamped to the pipe conditions: near the weld shall be used for dabbing the a gas rings, gas radiant panels or muffle furnaces; electrode where such a procedure is necessary for b electric resistance heaters; removing slag from the tip or to facilitate the starting c induction heating; of the arc.

NOTE 1. If the test is successful you or the test body complete the appropriate documents which the test bodies surveyor signs and endorses.

The necessary documents are as follows:- E1 Welding Procedure Approval Test Certificate This is the front sheet and only gives details of what the procedure can be used for. E2 Details Of Weld Test This gives details of what actually took place during the test weld it is similar to a WPS but should not include ranges of welding parameters.

This is the welder approval part of the qualification.

In general a new welding procedure must be qualified for each of the following changes subject to the individual requirements of the appropriate standard used:- Change in parent material type. Change of welding process The diameter range for pipe given by the welding standard is exceeded.

Typically 0. The thickness range is exceeded.

Any other change required by the welding standard. Welder Approval Once the procedure is approved it is necessary to demonstrate that all your welders working to it have the required knowledge and skill to put down a clean sound weld. If the welder has satisfactorily completed the procedure test then he is automatically approved but each additional welder must be approved by completing an approval test to an appropriate standard such as EN part 1 as follows:- Complete a weld test as stated in 2 above.


The test should simulate production conditions and the welding position should be the position that the production welds are to be made in or one more severe For maximum positional approval a pipe inclined at 45 degrees referred to as the 6G position approves all positions except vertical down.

Test the completed weld in accordance with the relevant standard to ensure that the weld is clean and fully fused.


For a butt weld this is normally a visual examination followed by radiography. Once the test is completed the E4 form has to be completed by you or the test body and signed by the test bodies surveyor.

Note The above changes that require a new welding procedure may also apply to the welders approval, refer to the standard for precise details. However it may not be contractually acceptable.

The advantage in using ASME is that generally fewer procedure tests are required particularly when welding pipework. Welder Approval Without A procedure BS is for the qualification of welders where a weld procedure is not required either by the application standard that governs the quality of production welds or by contractual agreement.

Basically the same rules mentioned above for the welder approval apply.Figure 21 — Typical preparation and assembly of set-on sloping branches with temporary backing 44? Butt joints 25 General 14 26 All types of butt joint 14 27 Gusseted bends 14 Section 3.

NOTE The time allowed for temperature equalization should be of the order of 2 min for each 25 mm of parent metal thickness.

This small bore branch connection is only suitable where the main pipe has a bore at least five times the bore of the branch. This is the welder approval part of the qualification. You may experience issues viewing this site in Internet Explorer 9, 10 or