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Get your digital subscription/issue of Myanmar Internet Journal Magazine on Magzter and enjoy reading the magazine on iPad, iPhone, Android devices and the. of smiling peoples, precious nature and enriched cultures. National Geographic's Traveler magazine listed Myanmar as 1 of the top 50 destinations of a life time. This magazine shows how closely and effectively our countries have been working together for the past three years. The. Netherlands has demonstrated its .

Madden says he met again with Facebook officials in January as did two other people familiar with the gathering, which took place in Menlo Park. Still, the company continued its work with seemingly little local input. While well intentioned, the process showed a profound lack of familiarity with the Burmese language and the context of language use.

It also angered members of the tech community helping flag dangerous content, because they were blamed by upset users for the policy, though they were not involved with the initiative and were unaware that it would start. Consider the case of journalist and translator Aung Naing Soe, who in November was targeted online after users began circulating a picture they claimed showed him standing with members of the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army.

The militant group attacked police posts in October and again in August , sparking the massive campaign against the Rohingya that has driven hundreds of thousands to neighboring Bangladesh.

Aung Naing Soe was not in the photo, and it took several attempts and flags for Facebook to finally remove the post. Copies of it still circulate on the platform. Other posts targeted his religion and work as a journalist.

Now, that threat went straight through your detection systems, it spread very quickly, and then it took attempt after attempt after attempt, and the involvement of civil society groups, to get you to remove it.

Why couldn't it be removed within 24 hours? In an interview, Aung Naing Soe says he was approached by a member of Special Branch, a notorious intelligence unit of the Myanmar Police Force, who questioned him about the false accusation of being a member of ARSA, which, in the time it was on Facebook, was widely shared including by a former member of parliament.

For the next two months, whenever he travelled outside of Yangon, he had to inform the officer where he was going, he says. Not that the increased government scrutiny deterred Aung Naing Soe from pursuing his work as a journalist.

The group pleaded guilty and were held for two months in jail before the case was dropped. Aung Naing Soe says that while the other journalists were only questioned for a few days, he was interrogated for 11 or 12 days because of the Facebook posts.

Inside’s Vicious Battle With the Feds

He quickly returned to covering protests and jailings of other journalists while doling out cigarettes to fellow reporters in the informal Yangon press corps. He has become an outspoken advocate for media freedom, even joking about his stint in jail. Raymond Serrato, a digital researcher and analyst who has tracked hate speech and bots related to Myanmar, found a huge uptick in hate speech on Facebook as the Rohingya crisis unfolded last October. Anti-Rohingya groups saw a percent increase in activity.

Many of the posts, he says, compared Muslims to dogs or other animals. Meanwhile, the Myanmar government and military have been among the most adept and sophisticated users of Facebook, using the platform to put out their own narrative of the Rohingya crisis.

Zaw Htay did not respond to requests for comment about his controversial posts. The continued frustrations faced by civil society groups, tech organizations, and those at the receiving end of harassment on Facebook burst into public view this spring in the wake of an incident involving the detection and removal of yet more disinformation.

During an interview with the website Vox in early April, Zuckerberg claimed the the company had found chain letters that were widely shared across the country on Facebook messenger starting in early September.

One message warned Buddhist groups about an imminent attack by Muslims on September The the other warned of violence from Buddhist nationalists toward Muslims on the same date. In reality, they say, it was their members who had found the messages, alerted Facebook, and waited days for a response. The messages, the groups say, lead to at least three violent incidents, including the attempted torching of an Islamic school and the ransacking of shops and houses belonging to Muslims in a town in central Myanmar.

The company, however, has failed to provide details about these monitors. Asked if the company had reviewers proficient in the other languages besides Burmese that are used widely in Myanmar, a spokeswoman said only that when content is reported that is not in one of the languages covered by the company, Facebook works with people familiar with the language to determine if the content violates standards. A list of languages that the content reviewers do work in was not available, the spokeswoman said.

In recent months, Facebook has taken some important steps and has acknowledged that the company can do more. In February, the company banned Wirathu, the radical monk who helped instigate the Mandalay riots. Following the pushback from civil society groups, it has taken down pages of other nationalist organizations and monks, removing major sources of hate speech and misinformation.

It has also rolled out tools to report content on Facebook Messenger and is exploring the possibility of using AI to identify hateful content faster, a spokeswoman says.

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In written responses to follow-up questions from Senator Leahy, the company stuck to the familiar, evasive line. He has spoken openly to the media about his experience and was identified widely on social media.

He said that no representative from the company had been in touch with him regarding the incident. Last month, a large delegation of Facebook officials made a high-profile trip to Myanmar. Lead by Simon Milner, Vice President of Public Policy for Asia-Pacific, the group met with the Ministry of Information , which suggested the company open an office in Myanmar, according to a state-media report on the meeting.

Acquired Virtue Magazine Sep, Many Writers Knowledge Magazine Religion: Shwe Essence Magazine Sep, Thuritza Magazine Oct, Thuritza Magazine Sep, Reflect Magazine Sep, Many Writers Knowledge Magazine Mystery: Ghost Eye Magazine Aug, Many Writers Magazine Thriller: Shwe Essence Magazine Aug, Morning E-Magazine July, Thuritza Magazine July, Morning E-Magazine May, Thuritza Magazine Aug, Morning E-Magazine April, Morning E-Magazine Oct, Mysterious Wonder Magazine Aug, Ghost Eye Magazine March, Reflect Magazine Aug, Mysterious Magazine July, Many Writers Magazine Mystery: Recommended reading For some years now, various websites, travel agencies and magazines have published lists of books about Myanmar that have been recommended by scholars, journalists and sundry other pundits.

Also, a few blogs have compiled such lists on the basis of reader responses. As might be expected, they are all highly subjective, reflecting the different reading habits, unique perspectives and personal preferences of their compilers, but they do have some things in common. A few contain surprises.

A few individuals have also made selections. Other lists can be found online. There are some books that appear in almost all online lists, either as bestsellers or as recommended reading.

There are also obvious gaps, in terms of both subject matter and specific authors. Important works by respected Myanmar-watchers are not mentioned.

List of Journals

Yet, what is striking about these lists is their enormous range and diversity. Both fiction and non-fiction works are included. The publications named stretch from popular novels and cookery books to serious academic studies.

No one list is the same as any other.Second, the Myanmar government is conscious that it needs to address and improve the economy on an urgent basis. This section's factual accuracy may be compromised due to out-of-date information.

List of Journals

Sluggish growth can be seen in various sectors. San Jose State University.

Massive statue of Buddha inside the temple the boys in front have taken up Buddhist monastic life for at least five days, a custom of the Burmese families ; A thriving marketplace. Archived from the original on 15 June The surprise that wasn't". Translation Temple styles: The area around the temple had been densely populated with Hindus, with some 2, Mewari families, but many fled to Nepal in the s when the government seized their property.